Work With Me

The topics which Em is most passionate about include health, nutrition, fitness, and helping people! All of these services that she offers blend her interests in a way that is sure to be beneficial for whoever receives them. Contact her at [email protected] for any questions or to book an appointment today.


Disclaimer: None of these challenges, classes, or plans are intended to treat any medical problem. You should always consult your doctor before significantly changing your diet or exercise plans.

One-on-One Coaching

Sometimes a large class is too much to start with, or you have too many questions to make a class worth your time. Em is available to meet with you one-on-one for as little or as long as you like. Topics include, but are not limited to:

$50/hour or $85 for 4 weeks.

Small Group Coaching

Intimidated by the one-on-one interaction? Or have a few friends with similar goals and want to start an accountability group? Em will work with small groups of 2-6 people working together toward a common goal. (Topics are same as one-on-one coaching.)

$100 per hour for a group of 4 people

Workshops, Seminars, & Classes

If you have a particular topic in mind that your gym community or other group would be interested in learning more about, Em is available to teach classes, seminars, and/or workshops on any holistic health topic. Topics include:

Corporate Lunch & Learn

Would your company want to host a lunch-hour class to learn about eating healthy, basic nutrition, and fitness? Em offers a one-hour class teaching the basics of healthy eating, fitness, and how to eat healthy at a restaurant. This class is aimed at those working in an office setting.

$50 for 1 hour

Nutrition Challenge

Do you want motivation to eat healthy, nourishing foods consistently and primarily? Most people know that a huge part of being healthy is eating well. If you need motivation to get into or back into healthy eating as a habit, consider getting a personalized challenge to jumpstart a fresh beginning to your healthy eating lifestyle. This challenge would include:

Fitness Challenge

A huge part of health is not just how you eat, but how you move. Sometimes you just need a little inspiration to be able to get back into the habit of bringing movement into your life. This challenge would include:

$30 per week or $100 for 4 weeks

Cooking Classes

Local clients only (Pittsburgh area) In Em’s house, your house, or a free venue of the client’s choice

Personalized Meal Plan

Do you have the desire to eat healthy all the time and have fun, great-tasting food at your table every single day, but just can’t seem to make it happen? Well, Em can make that happen for you! This meal plan would include:

$25 for 1 week plan

Grocery Store Tour

Reading labels can be so confusing. In this one-on-one tour, Em would help you navigate through the grocery store of your choice to find the healthiest and best options to fit your needs for a lifetime of healthy eating. Details of this tour: