Weekly Dates: Tuesday Tea And An Urban Walk

May 12, 2017

The last two weeks also consisted of pretty simple dates.

First, we took our Tuesday evening to visit a coffee shop together. This particular week we wanted some quiet time to talk and sometimes it is just necessary to get out of the house. We went to Espresso a Mano, one of our regular places here in Pittsburgh. Their tea blends always sound great to me. This time Ruben got a tea called Dao Lemon, which with the font on the menu looked like “Dad Lemon.” When he asked for “Dad Lemon Tea” the barista gave us the most hilarious look!


Spring has fallen

Last weekend we took an urban walk in a new neighborhood. We went without the dog this time so we could focus on each other a bit more. This is a great way to promote conversation while still being low key.

We stumbled across this cute neighborhood library that was bird themed with a ton of little wooden birdhouses hanging in the tree it was attached to. Too cute!