The Best Exercises For Stress Relief

Oct 3, 2017

Ok I’ll be up front here by saying that this list is completely subjective. Meaning it is just my opinion and experience on what exercises I’ve found the most helpful for reduing stress in my life.

And only in the past few months or so that I’ve been regularly doing these.

And they actually aren’t real “exercises,” but are more like stretchy-exercise mixes. Let’s call them “movements” instead then.

So these favorite movements are subject to change as I do and as I go through different seasons of life, which can often be true for a lot of wellness practices.

So use what you can for this and if these don’t help you, move on to something else. But maybe they can help, and if they only help 1 other person then great.

First, is this roll-your-back-on-a-exercise-ball move. I LOVE this and do it every night to stretch out my upper back a bit before bed. Sometimes my back even cracks a bit and you may find that yours does too - this is totally fine and natural. Only worry if it hurts, then I’d say go see a doctor or chiropractor.

Second, I’ve really been enjoying this breathing exercise where you use your hands to figuratively “push out” all of the bad stuff in your mind.

So, while standing (sitting works too, just won’t be as energizing), gather your hands into your chest/heart area as you breathe in, then push them outward as you breathe out. Simple as that. Imagine yourself taking in good thoughts while breathing in/moving your hands in and pushing the negative thoughts out while pushing your arms out/breathing out.

Third, you have been missing out if you haven’t tried these power squats. I learned these at my CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaching conference (yep I’m a certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach!) and have been doing them ever since.

How about you, what exercises do you do for stress relief? I’m always looking for more suggestions!