Mindful Self Care

Jun 18, 2018

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There has been a lot of buzz around both the ideas of “self-care” and “mindfulness” lately, but I have rarely seen any stated connection between the two. Self-care seems to be described more as actions you take and mindfulness more as thoughts alone. But what about the concept of mindful self-care?

I believe the mindfulness and self-care are inextricably connected.

Self-care is, after all, just making sure that you as an individual are satisfied in all areas (emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally). But how can one expect to have genuine self-care without first getting into the proper mindset?

Wasted Time and Effort

So often people hurry home to set up an elaborate lavender bubble bath but the time before and after are completely stress-ridden. They are really only taking a few minutes away from the stress and then going straight back into it. This reduces your practice of self-care to simply distraction, which can be a huge waste of time.

You simply cannot strive your way into a low-stress lifestyle (in fact trying is counterproductive for that goal!). Don’t get me wrong, actions are important and you need to do take actions sometimes to care for yourself. However, if you start with a mindful attitude, your practice of self-care will become truly fruitful and long-lasting.

Stress Reduction

Self-care is also often described as a way to reduce stress. Mindfulness is arguably one of the best way to reduce stress and is certainly the most simple in that it solely involves turning your thoughts toward the present moment. This can be a great compliment to self-care, helping you to take your attitude from the self-care practice and carry it with you throughout the days to follow.

What’s Next?

If you aren’t mindful you cannot have genuine self-care. Self-care without mindfulness is just an attempt that won’t make a lasting impact to your life. So take some time to get into a good mindset. And then start your bubble bath (or whatever you preferred self-care practice is). You may find some pretty amazing results with even less effort.