Healthy Hotel Food

Jun 13, 2017

During the past week on my trip to Stockholm, I wasn’t actually that worried about food quality. The food in Sweden is way healthier than in the U.S. in general, and I was able to eat out a lot more than I usually do without feeling sick at all. However, as a general rule I try to limit my eating out either way as I tend to overeat when I do. Plus, a week of eating out for every meal would really add up and get expensive, so having even a couple of meals in my hotel room (or outside for a picnic!) saved a ton of money.


The One Fail

I always like to experiment with differnet ways to eat healthy while traveling, and this time I got even more gutsy and tried to hard boil eggs in the hotel room by placing them in a cup and pouring boiling water from the hot watr heater over them. I thought it would be like hard boiling (or even just soft-boiling!) an egg, but it did NOT work that way. I wish I would have gotten a picture but no matter how many times I refilled the cup with boiling water, the eggs did NOT cook. I opened them and got egg all over the garbage can that I had (luckily!) placed underneath it. Wah-wah. :(



We had one picnic for dinner this week. It was on our anniversary, actually. Since the food quality is better in Europe, I decided to try some brie, sourdough bread (which is technically fermented which makes it naturally gluten free!), and bites of salami, grapes, and cherry tomatoes. It was so refreshing and I had no issues with the dairy or the bread! It was wonderful and much more serene then going to a restaurant. The view was pretty great, too. :)


Neither of us had any digestive issues from the bread or cheese and felt great afterward! And we just got the picnic supplies at a grocery store! The food quality there is seriously the best guys…


Even included a dessert cake slice that we picked up at a local bakery! Not healthy, but your anniversary only comes once a year. :)


These are the snacks I mainly focused on during our springtime visit to Stockholm.

  1. Grapes, apples, bananas, other fruit. Obvious, but always a great option.

  2. Granola bars - easy to bring, easy to pick up after you arrive.

Easily eaten vegetables:

  1. Raw bell peppers - you can eat these just like apples. Just be careful not to spill the seeds, so you may want to eat over a plate or napkin.

  2. Broccoli - just eat it raw with some good dressing, or break it up into small pieces in a cup or bowl and pour boiling water over it. This will lightly cook the broccoli, making it even easier to digest.

  3. Grape tomatoes



  1. Can of pre-cooked chickpeas - make sure to get a BPA free can, if possible. I ate mine with sea salt, broccoli, and olive oil and it was a great light lunch!

  2. Jerky - easy to make yourself or you can find it in just about any store.

  3. Peanut/almond/sunflower seed butter - great on it’s own or on celery, apples, slices of Ezekiel bread, etc.


Other, but still just as important:

  1. Olive oil! You can find tiny bottles of this just about anywhere.

  2. Salt. Get some quality mineral-rich salt to put on your veggies. That way you are motivated to eat your veggies a bit more! ;) My salt here is also a souvenier because this is something that’s way harder to find in the states.



When we did go out though, we went all out!




And found the cutest places!