I’m in no way a professional cook, baker, or photographer in any way, but is simply passionate about health and can’t stop talking about food! This site is a tool for her to share what she is learning as well as tips and tricks for making healthy living a part of one’s lifestyle.


Em is certified as a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach through the CHEK Institute and and uses this experience in one-on-one coaching and teaching classes/workshops. She specializes in Mindfulness and how it can lead to stress-reduction.

A Bit More About Em

- During the week, Em works as a civil engineer focusing on sustainable construction. - Em moved from Portland, OR to Pittsburgh, PA just for the heck of it over 2 years ago!
- Em loves to cook but baking really isn’t her thing. (One exception: her Chocolate Cake recipe.)
- Em teaches wellness classes at her local gym.
- She is the youngest of 4 but was raised as an only child since her siblings are 10+ years older than her.
- Em moved 7 times growing up, so she never knows what to say when people ask where she’s from!
- The only thing Em loves more than preparing a special dish for her friends and loved ones is eating!

If you are interested in learning more about holistic health and how it can help heal your mind and body, contact Em at [email protected].