A Year Of Mindful Walking

Jan 1, 2018

For the upcoming year, I am choosing to focus not on a specific list of goals, but on a sort of intention for my 2018.

The intention is mindfulness and I am going to work toward this by implementing a concrete practice into my everyday life: walking.


The specific parameters are simple yet require active participation, and they are thus:

  1. I must walk every single day of 2018.
  2. These walks must be 15 minutes at a time and at a minimum.
  3. The walks also need to be outdoors, no matter what the temperature.
  4. During the walks, the focus must be on mindfulness. I guess that is sort of my intention, or theme for 2018, and I think walking is going to be a great way to implement it. So, I will either meditate, listen to something though-provoking, walk with a friend, walk while doing a gratitude or breathing exercise, etc.

Any advice, ideas, or mindfulness practices that anyone suggests I can implement on my walks this year, please do tell in the comments below!